Northern Reaches

Cecil's Journal

I have finally returned after having to attend to some business back home, and I must say I was impressed by the new faces that Luth has gathered to my cause (or at least persuaded to tag along and help for a duration). It only slightly pains me that the old wizard passed away in my absence, honestly I do not know what my father was thinking sending along a cripple to venture into the wilderness. This loss aside, I am quite happy with the progress my team has made.

Luth and his group of new faces discovered an undead uprising, and we were able to find a hidden entrance to a desecrated temple of Pharasma where a necromancer was building an army. Needless to say, I led the team bravely against the foul man and his hordes of undead minions. The strange foreign man who was following us around while looking for his companion was happily reunited, as well, after I cut down the ghast that the necromancer kept around to make ghouls for his army. I am not sure that the two will survive their quest to infiltrate their enemy country, having already suffered a casualty and being captured without even making it halfway, but I wish them luck all the same.

After dispatching the necromancer, we were welcomed as heroes at a nearby elven community (a place so isolated that we were in fact the first non elves to be allowed in for several decades). I hope to use the trust gained with the elves to help my father expand our business dealings and possibly become a middleman between the elves and dwarves of the area for ore trading.

I am uncertain of my next course of action, two gargoyles guard a door down in the lost temple of Pharasma, and there is still the matter of the ring thieving Mites to be dealt with, however, I am growing more keen on taking the Stag Lord’s head before he can replace the bandits that our team has slain.


Yes, it was Luth who found and gathered all these talented people! He’s secretly a very connected scout for up and coming adventurers.

Cecil's Journal

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