Northern Reaches

The Fa'Diel Chronicles Chapter 2

After Luth finally recovered from the strange illness he contracted when battling the necromancer’s forces, we decided to head north-east to the great Sicamore tree where the mite’s were said to have taken the wedding ring of Olef’s bride. A small quest to be certain, but I felt establishing good faith with the trader would be worthwhile. Upon reaching the place, we found the bodies of kobolds and mites strewn about the entrance to the place. Our shorter companions crawled into the mite’s lair and slew a few centipedes, then came out to drag Luth down with them. Stirling and I were finally convinced to squeeze down into the smelly pit when I heard the sounds of Luth beginning to be eatten alive by what turned out to be a giant centipede. Of course, he had already slain the beast before we got down there, however, the rest of the mite’s drew arms in a vain effort to defend their keep. Their leader did not last long against our combined might, and our Belus fried the rest with her magics.

Upon defeating the mites we found a statue that the kobolds wanted back, so we ventured into the swamp to trade it for the wedding ring (which had somehow come into their possession. They were very grateful (if the foul things can feel gratitude that is) that we destroyed their enemies and said they would no longer trouble humans and would keep to themselves. I highly doubt this but as my crew we tried from our trek through the swamp I thought it best to let them be fore now.

We also ran into a patrol of soldiers from Barstoy (sp?) that mentioned that the Shadowpines had been in fact purchased by their kingdom. I Told my father that perhaps selling some weapons and other war provisions might earn the money he needs for his big trade before the tradewinds turn and limit our business for the months ahead. I worry what Barstoy is up to by purchasing these woods, perhaps they are after some great secret that lies within. It would be interesting to see them be crushed by some other kingdom after the beasts and elves of the woodlands wreck havoc on their military forces.

We returned to civilization only to find that my father has gone missing. This has never happened before and I am greatly concerned for his well being. We will spread the rumor that he is simply ill and not taking any visitors until he is fully recovered, I hope this rumor stick as the other houses would see his disappearance as an opportunity to strike at our house. I must be exceptionally vigilant and pray to Iomedae that my father is simply frazzled from his duties and off on a bender somewhere…



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