Cecil Fa'Diel

Youngest son of the house Fa'Diel


Level 3 Cavalier, Order of the Dragon, Neutral Good
Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 14
AC 19 FF 16 T 11 Fort +5 Ref +2 Will 0
BAB 3 CMB 6 CMD 17
Initiative +3 Spd 20’ HP 26

Equipment – Mwk Lance, Mwk Longsword, Heavy Mace, 5 Javelins, Chainmail, Heavy Steel Shield

Feats – Mounted Combat, Ride By Attack, Spirited Charge, Trample

Class Powers – Challenge 1/day, Mount, Order (of the Dragon), Tactician(replaced), Order ability, Cavalier’s Charge (+4 to hit with mounted charge, no AC penalty applied when charging)

Order of the dragon abilities – Allies receive a +1 to hit (per 4 levels) bonus against the target of the challenge so long as Cecil threatens the target. Gains Survival and Perception as class skills. Whenever Cecil uses survival to forge for food or protect his allies from harsh weather he gains a bonus equal to half his level (min +1). Whenever Cecil uses the Aid Other action, they gain +3 bonus to AC, an attack roll, saving throw or skill check.

Special – Replacing all Tactician feats with regular feats(house rule)

Traits – Rich Parents, Reactionary

Languages – Common, Varisian


The youngest brother of a minor noble house, he is completely unskilled at politics and business. His two older brothers are no match for Cecil’s combat skills, thus Cecil started on the path of becoming a knight, in hopes that he could outshine his brother’s accomplishments with the glory of adventure and heroism.

Cecil is a tall and handsome man with black hair and green eyes. He has a chiseled jaw accented by a short trimmed beard. (5’10", 18 years old, 180lbs)

He is a chivalrous romantic, a young and naive man who has not seen as much as he thinks he has. Being only second generation rich, Cecil has a stronger sense of work ethic and humility than most people in his position.

Cecil raised his horse, Stormcloud, from a pony as part of his knightly training. Stormcloud is a mighty stallion, jet black save for a white diamond shaped patch on his forehead and around the tops of his hooves.

Cecil Fa'Diel

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