Sir Roose

A mighty knight in impenetrable armor.


Rose Plate ( +1 Full Plate)
Rose Hedge ( +1 Tower Shield)
Thorn ( +1 Bastard Sword)

AC 27
HP = 21 + 2d10 + 1d8


A tall knight, clad in intricately detailed heavy armor covered in sculpted and enameled roses. His sword is similarly decorated, with the hilt appearing to be a green rose stem, with the blade emerging from the flower. Though he has the figure and strength of a young man, his hair is gray and his face is aged. There is an enormous scar across his face and eyes, which serves to enhance the nobility of his countenance rather than disfigure him. Within the scar, his eyes are clouded and milky-white. He appears blind, but he moves without difficulty and reacts to close approach.

The knight invariably refers to himself as Sir Roose, the Knight of Flowers, and insists that he has ventured across the world at the behest of his Lady Tanda, who desired to learn more about the world. This Lady Tanda holds court “far across the sea”. He claims to be part of a knightly order dedicated to protecting good folk and combatting the forces of darkness in the world. He has a scroll giving him the authority to negotiate with foreign powers as Tanda’s agent, and to eliminate those who would be her enemies. There is a signature and a seal on the document.

Sir Roose

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