The world map is a divided into hexes. Each hex is 3 miles across between opposing edges and is almost eight square miles in area. Hexes are the smallest unit for tracking party location. Since a hex is 3 miles, it typically takes 1 hour to cross when trails are available, or 2 hours when trackless.

Some Hexes contain a Feature or Landmark. These unconcealed areas of note can be reasonably spotted at distance by passing adventurers and are the usual targets of adventurers. A Feature is automatically discovered by entering that hex, while a Landmark is visible from some number of hexes away depending on height, terrain, and other factors.

Every Hex also contains a Hidden Feature, which can be discovered by chance upon entering or by full exploration of the hex. These are concealed locations which need Perception tests or at least direct, close line-of-sight to discover. The difficulty of discovering them by chance, and the time to explore, depends upon the average encounter-distance of that terrain. Occasionally these will be placed ahead of time, otherwise I’ll roll on a chart.

Exploration is handled by by spending the time to move 3 miles in that terrain multiple times, without leaving the hex. Each search period gives an additional roll. If you spend a number of movements equal to the full time necessary to explore (20 rolls for a typical 1 in 20 chance), you automatically find anything in the hex. Exploration can be greatly accelerated by “canvassing”: Spreading out in a line, with each adventurer at the edge of sight range from the others. With 3 people, a group can see twice as far and get 2 rolls per search period. With 5, the group gets 3 rolls. These extra rolls do not increase the chance of random encounters, making this a generally safer approach (though in an encounter, the party starts spread out and will need to move towards each other).

Movements are as follows for creatures which move 30 feet per action.

Terrain Hrs to Cross (trails) Hrs to Cross (wild) Sight range Chance of Hidden
Plains 1 1.5 800ft 1/10
Forest 1 2 100 ft 1/40
Hills 1.5 2 400 ft 1/20
Moor 1 1.5 200 ft 1/20
Mountain 1.5 2 400 ft 1/20
Swamp 1.5 2 200 ft 1/20


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