House Rules

Saving Throws

  • Ignore the good and poor save progressions for classes. All saving throws are made with a bonus of 1/2 level + Attribute + Class bonus. Every class gives a +2 Class Bonus for all saves which previously had a good save progression (base classes w/ +12 at lvl 20 and prestige classes w/ +5 at lvl 10s), and a +0 otherwise. When multiclassing you gain the class bonuses of all your classes, but additional +2 Class Bonuses to a save after the first count for only +1. For instance, a Multiclass Fighter/Paladin has +3 Fort, +0 Ref, and +2 Wis Class bonuses. Adding a level of Monk would increase his Ref save by 2, but his Wis and Fort by only 1.


  • You may open or close a door as a swift action if you have one hand empty.
  • You may grab an accessible item off your belt as a swift action. You can only put small items on your belt (light weapons, potions, scrolls, etc) and a typical belt only allows 2 such items (one on each side).


  • Two Small or Medium creatures may Squeeze into the same 5 foot space, using the same rules for squeezing into narrow spaces (-4 penalty on attack and AC). If both creatures are Small, the penalty is only -2 to attack and AC.

Spells (& Spell-like abilities):

  • Dimension Door (when the destination is not in sight), Plane Shift, Teleport, Greater Teleport all have a casting time of 1 round, and always provoke attacks of opportunity even when used as a spell-like ability or cast defensively. Dimension Door to destinations in sight functions normally.
  • All Conjuration (Teleportation) spells require tracing glowing symbols which indicate destination, a Spellcraft check which identifies the spell also identifies the destination. The spell can be identified as long as the glowing symbols remain—either 1 minute or until disturbed (a move action to wave a hand through them is sufficient).

Character Options:

  • Sorcerer Fey Bloodline – Laughing Touch allows a Will Save at DC 10 + 1/2 level + Cha Bonus. Fey Sorcerers may increase the DC as if they were casting an enchantment (compulsion) effect, this means the DC is automatically +2 due to the Fey Bloodline Arcana.
  • Barbarian – Invulnerable Rager and Greater Chaos Totem are banned. Fiend Totem only affects unarmed strike and natural natural weapons, but also adds its damage to unarmed strikes and grapple damage.

House Rules

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