Lagos the Alchemist

Lagos is willing to pay for magical supplies. His current offers are:

Snozberries: In the Howling Moor are a rare few bushes which produce snozberries, an ingredient useful in several magical potions. For every basket of these valuable berries which can be recovered, Lagos is willing to give a potion from his middle shelf (any potions for lvl 1 spells).

Goblin Stopper: The venom of the Giant Tarlan Wasps has an extremely potent effect upon goblins, paralyzing them within a few moments. When a baby Tarlan Wasp was captured by the town guard, Lagos was able to distill an effective poison he called “goblin stopper”. Unfortunately, workers and soldier wasps have short lifespans and the wasp died soon after, but a Queen Wasp has no fixed lifespan and could last forever if properly treated. In exchange for a captured Tarlan Queen, Lagos can offer 1000gp of store credit and a permanent supply of goblin stopper poison. Tarlan Wasps are known to nest in the Broken Steps of Sarkosis.

Chewing Rum: Lagos is working on a potion which can replace an entire 3-course dinner with a drop of liquid. He’s enthusiastically named it Chewing Rum but is having difficulty finding the principle component, which is extracted from troll’s blood.

Lagos the Alchemist

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