The Fa'Diel Family

The Fa’Diel family is a relatively new minor noble family in Ustalav, who made their home in the city of Karcau. The founder of the family, Thelonius Fa’Diel, made a fortune through his prowess in business, specifically in coal and peat trade, and was able to buy a 20 acre plot of land just outside the city for a steal of a price. He then wed and had a single son, Belenus, who is now the current head of the Fa’Diel family. Belenus is happily married to Amilia, and they have 5 children together, 3 sons and 2 daughters.

Thedrick, the eldest son (22), follows his father closely as the next in line to inherit the duties of Lord of the House. He is married and has a young daughter. Elazul, the middle son (20), learns a bit from his father but is more interested in chasing women and general hedonism than in ruling a household. Cecil, the youngest (18), chose knighthood over competing with his brothers in being diplomats and businessmen. Availe, the eldest daughter and child (25) is happily married to a young noble of a reputable house. This marriage is beneficial to both houses. The youngest of all the children, Lenneth (13), is showing signs of being a gifted sorceress, and has become the apple of her mother’s eye.

The Fa’Diel family worship Iomedae as the matron of their household and are generally lawful good, though Cedric, being neutral good, is viewed as something of a rebel by his father. His father, regardless, supports Cecil’s choice of becoming a renown knight and gave his blessing for Cecil to go adventuring in the name of Fa’Diel with only minor protest.

Most other noble families (save the few uncorrupted and decent ones) view the Fa’Diels as a bunch of self righteous peasants who are just playing House until their fortune runs dry. The few decent noble families and the working class who are employed by the Fa’Diels find them to be quite pleasant to deal with.

The Fa’Diel estate consists of a 20 acre plot of flat land surrounded by a think stone wall. They have a sizable 20 room estate complete with a vaulted basement and second floor. There is a small barracks and guest house for the guards and laborers, as well as a small township of roughly 30 houses, complete with a smithy and inn. A large stable houses anywhere from 10 to 20 horses, both those belonging to the family and those of travelers and traders. The townsfolk who live there mostly work for the Fa’Diels, and the homes are given as part of payment. Within the walls is a small church of Iomedae.

Some notable NPCs include Varek Hodgins, the family smith; Terrence Alrona, the watch captain; Brewmaster Tobur Fenway; and Callista Valshire, head priestess of the temple (whom Cecil has had a crush on since the day he saw her).

Financially, the Fa’Diels have roughly 60000 gold in coin and assets, and generally make 8000 gold a year in actual profit. They employ just over 100 people, including servants, stablehands, guards, cooks, merchants, and others. The Fa’Diels are know to give business loans to aspiring talent, and have backed several successful businesses, namely restaurants and taverns.

Once a year, just before fall, Belenus holds a small festival, complete with bards, jousting tournaments, games and magical ammusments for both the people of his township and his close friends and business partners. Cecil has won the last two in the honor of Priestess Callista Valshire.

The Fa'Diel Family

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