The Pathfinder Proclamation

A tattered proclamation, posted in a town square of Karcau and worn with age. Few remember when it was first placed there.

Let it be known that the Pathfinder Society – whose membership is formed of explorers and archeologists; who is based in Absalom, the City of the Center of the World; whose courageous members have braved great and varied dangers in their mission to chronicle the full and secret history of the world – has a great interest in the many mysteries of the North.

Towards its goal of uncovering the truth of the lands of North Ustalav and beyond, the Pathfinder Society will soon send its agents to establish a lodge in the city of Karcau. The Pathfinders are interested in six great secrets, any one of which would be worthy of a new chapter in the Pathfinder Chronicles.

  • To find a secret which a God himself has hidden: A full recording of the Aroden’s travels to the Lake of Mists and Veils when he was still a mortal, a trip which Aroden concealed with his divine might after his ascension to be God of Men.
  • To record that which cannot be spoken or written: The Whispering Way, the secrets of life and death so potent they can only whispered mouth to ear, one follower to another. A permanent record of the Way would aid in the eternal struggle against the Whispering Tyrant, its most famous follower who used his knowledge to command undead armies and enslave Ustalav.
  • To solve a mystery older than Ustalav: The purpose of the stone monoliths in the Dippelmere swamp, which have trembled with unknown magic since before man inhabited the province of Vieland.
  • To find that which cannot be found: The Oasis of Juniper, whose location can only be found by those who have already been there. Legend holds the Oasis’s garden is tended by a genie waiting to grant wishes to the worthy.
  • To predict the unpredictable: Map the Chaos Circles of Sarkoris, whose witchcraft will transport any travelers stepping through the circle to a random location, and find a method of safely and predictably using the circles so that the wastelands to the North may be better explored.
  • To enter the most guarded vault in Numeria: The Silver Mount. The metal mountain which fell from the sky is filled with arcane wonders, which the Technic League has used to conquer Numeria, and the recovery of a working artifact from inside would shed light upon the source of Skymetal.

The Society will handsomely reward adventurers who can provide maps of the area or information pertaining to any of these demanding labors. Further, the Society offers full and immediate membership to any group which solves a mystery on their own. Any explorers with accomplishments should contact the Countess Sasandra Livgrace for recognition and reward.

Adventure awaits,

The Pathfinder Society

The Pathfinder Proclamation

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